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Tricep Bench Exercise

Tricep Bench Exercise

tricep bench exerciseStarting position Tricep Bench Exercise

Hands positioned at the edge of a flat bench and your feet set on another bench. Body to keep on weight. The angle between the position of the hips and torso should be approximately 90 °:

– Inhale, keeping your knees still, bend your elbows;

– At the end of the movement straighten the arms, exhale.

Squeezing the tricep bench exercise – starting

tricep bench exercise

This exercise is working the triceps , pecs and anterior deltoids.

To further enhance the load put on the front of the thighs complication.


Video for exercises – push-ups for Tricep Bench Exercise

Application push-back to the tricep bench exercise

To: Everyone, from beginner to master.

When: In the second half of the workout. Before prying triceps back to the bench, do theCalifornian press , triceps push-ups after back to the bench – extension of hands with a rope of the upper block .

How much: 3-4 sets of 10-20 reps.

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