The American Diet to Slim and Fit
August 8, 2014
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August 22, 2014

Why Should we Choose Stone Age Food

stone age diet to fit and slimStone Age diet is quite capable of undermining the foundation of all modern dietetics, then there is an understanding that the need to count every calorie. This diet established rule that the extra calories in the body will not help to lose weight quickly. To strictly comply with this diet you need to eat natural and organic foods, and ensure that the body gets as little as possible in fat and sugar. As a rule, many manufacturers of finished products, claim that their products all natural vitamins, but as it turns out, in fact it’s just a beautiful statement and nothing more, so you should avoid these kinds of processed finished products, because they are lost after treatment minerals and vitamins. Often manufacturers try to add vitamins and minerals artificial origin, not realizing at the same time a huge difference! sexy women stone age dietSuch a diet excludes from the diet of pure sugar, vegetable fats and various conventional carbohydrates contained in foods like white bread and breakfast cereals ready.

Primary Focus Stone Age Diet

This diet is based on the use of a large amount of body fat, but this time the emphasis is on healthy eating, rather than the usual weight loss. Recommended to eat unpeeled fruit, just vegetables, green vegetables and cereals, legumes and root vegetables with herbs. Food is calculated so that a person gradually lost weight, while not losing energy.

Standard menu of the Stone Age diet for one day

Breakfast : Start with oatmeal water, adding raisins and apple juice Lunch : Bagel of coarse flour with a thick vegetable soup. Dinner : Pumpkin and carrot with unpolished rice, vegetable curry of potatoes.
– Such a diet will not deprive the human food that he needs to gain energy.
– Scientists recommend nowadays eat a lot of protein, and try to eat less fat and sugar, and thereby provided such a Diet
– No need to spend time to count calories.
– This diet is quite flexible
– With this diet you can lose weight significantly and use it for a long time.

– Since it does not include processed foods and ready meals have to buy everything in its raw form, then prepare yourself, which takes much of your time and attention.
– We’ll have to give up eating habits and begin to eat exotic foods such as tofu, bean sprouts, pulses and cereals.