August 3, 2014
Autumn Diet Chart
August 6, 2014

Diets for figures ideal slim diet sexy ladiesAny woman at least once in life was unhappy with her ​​figure. And most of all we are talking about specific parts of the body. It is with such problem areas and help fight diet for a figure . In this part of diet for different problem areas. But before they begin, you must determine the type of physique.

Why Slim Diet

If your shoulders are much narrower hips, then chances are you think of the type called “Pear”. Weight gain and fat storage in this type occurs in the hips and legs. Need to pay attention to diet for the thighs and buttocks, not forgetting about the exercise and massage for problem areas.

Getting slim Diet chart and Hourglass

More luck with the ladies figure “hourglass”, because even if they have set weight remains narrow waist and the symmetry between the hips and shoulders. Diet for the figure “hourglass” does not imply strict prohibitions, but there are limitations. More about this you can read in this section. Besides diet to maintain good form these women need to dance, yoga and swimming.

In women, such as “rectangle” and the shoulders and hips are level, but almost no waist, and weight is set in the back and abdomen. So women need to diet abdomen, as well as cleansing diet. Point focus on exercises for abdominal muscle groups.

With regard to women triangles, it obladatelnitsy broad shoulders and narrow hips. When weight gain remain slim hips, and the main accumulation of fat in the chest area is. They fit diet for this area, as well as cleansing diet.

Autumn time – diets charm

Most believe that the fall – not the best time for dieting. The reasons for this – a great many, but not all of them are really important. Tell you how to protect yourself from the spring blues and spend these days are for the benefit of health.

Stone Age Diet

Stone Age diet is quite capable of undermining the foundation of all modern dietetics. This diet established rule that the extra calories in the body will not help to lose weight quickly.

The American diet

The American diet – one of the leading and most important worldwide. Its stuck American models such as Bonnie and Rosemary, thanks to this diet their figure was perfect throughout a career.

Herbal diet

Since ancient times, our ancestors had no idea that such a diet. It has not been used ever since it was believed that a healthy body – healthy mind. People lived according to the laws of nature, held positions, and no diet they were not needed.

Diet for workaholics

The saddest thing is that from the long sitting at the computer, lack of proper nutrition, stress and lack of rest suffers metabolism, restore and normalize which can be very difficult, that’s why need to be concerned about the health and preservation of forms in advance, for this diet is perfect for workaholics.

Diet -60

This diet was created by Catherine Mirimanova that year and a half has been able to lose weight with one hundred and twenty to sixty pounds, without doctors and chemicals. At the same time she got rid of Stretch marks and to maintain skin elasticity. Catherine has developed a set of measures to get rid of excess weight, which includes exercise, diet and weight loss psychology.

Vegetarian diet (India)

Vegetarian diets are generally used the residents of India, but now the Americans and Europeans, too, began to prefer plant foods. According to statistics, today the experience of Indians adopted over one million people in Europe, refusing to eat meat and animal products.

On the soup diet

The soup is very useful, while the dish is light, nutritious and easy assimilation that makes it so convenient for effective weight loss. At the same time starve or suffer from health problems you do not have as soups can be varied and thus it is necessary to supplement fruits and vegetables almost every taste.

Pulse diet Michael Ginsburg

The basic principle of pulse diet Misano Ginzburg – are effective discharge, which may take place on a specific schedule. For example, can be effectively discharged each day using a light breakfast, and can be used for unloading days, but it’s worth doing at least 2 times a week.

To shapely legs were

Long-term diet, sports, activity and even proper nutrition – all this often does not work, so that you need. However, universal way to make beautiful and shapely legs, there, and we will tell more about it. So what should you do in order to legs were slim?