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July 19, 2014
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Most women underestimate the importance of the appearance of the buttocks. Various polls show that beautiful buttocks many men appreciate even more than ample bosom. That is why you should immediately take the appearance of their priests. The difference shown in the image.These glute exercises tone your gluteal muscle and lower part muscles through some affected exercises

main pump butt

Basic exercise to strengthen the gluteal muscles – it squats. At home, they can do with their own weight, dumbbells or water bottles. The main type of sit-ups as follows:

Glute Exercises: Squats

squat-femme 4

Squats are not only useful for the legs and buttocks, this is one of the best glute exercises to develop strength and recruitment of muscle mass of the body. In addition, squats include work from three groups of joints – ankles, knees and hips, and strengthen the knee tendon.

Stand so that the side to see her reflection in the mirror. Keep your back straight, arms can be removed at the waist or in front of him, feet shoulder width apart. Begin to squat as if you want to sit on a low chair, placing the pelvis back slightly. Fix the lower back – in this exercise, it should not work.

Sit too low do not need to avoid excessive stress on the knees.In this gulte exercise, Buttocks should be lowered to about the knees, and the weight of the body comes on the heels. Be sure to watch for in the mirror in order to properly perform the exercise. Do not hurry, do sit-ups slowly to feel the strain on the muscles. Perform 3 sets of 15-20 squats each. Over time, increase the load by performing squats with dumbbells in his hands.

Glute workout: Walking lunges

walking lunges 01Lunges with a barbell or dumbbells. They are best made ​​after the draft or sit-ups. Remember that when you do lunges, you train buttock front foot. Therefore, the more you have to rely on that leg. To do this, the rear foot should always be on the toe. And when down – apply knee forward until level does (as pictured). Here, in addition to working more buttocks back and front of the thigh. Do not hurry, do lunges slowly to feel the strain on the muscles. Perform 3 sets of 20-30 lunge each. Over time, increase the load by performing squats with dumbbells in his hands.

Glute Exercises: Jump squats

jumping squat Bend your knees slightly, but make sure your back is straight.

Sit down. Keep your hips back, back straight and head facing forward. Immediately jump up. Reach up as high as you can with your hands and your feet off the floor. Land in the same position as you started to wave his hands inches back and immediately repeat the second step.

To make this glute exercise more challenging, you can wear a vest weight or spend a couple of rods during exercise. You can also increase the complexity Jump squats, standing on one leg, in the same way as you jump. Make sure you do an equal number of repetitions for each leg.

Do 20 repetitions of this exercise per set on each side. Repeat until until you have completed 3 sets. Starting the first set at a relatively low intensity, and to increase each time so that you are going 100% to the latter. This ensures that you have finished on a high note.
[1] In order to start seeing / feeling results, aim to do 3 sets per day. Give yourself 3 days of rest between each exercise day.

[2] You should start to see results within 5 to 6 weeks. For faster results, increase the number of sets / times per week you do this exercise.

 buttock exercise: Side lunges

side lunges To do this exercise, step aside, bend your leg as if you are sitting on the heel, then go back, pushing on the heels toward the opposite side, and contracting glutes and quadriceps. Then bend the other leg.

it will affect the lower part of a body muscle..

Muscle area: Buttocks + all thighs
– Materials: A straight bar
– Type of practice: Intermediate Mass / insulation
– Practitioners Affected: All

This movement is very interesting for everyone, it will work the entire leg while learning to coordinate the different muscle groups and improving a little flexible. In general, it will be rather used as part of a muscle building program.

buttock workout: Bridges


lie on your back, bend your knees, feet as close as possible to the buttocks, feet on width of the pelvis, parallel to each other
-slowly we raise the hips up, go out into the shoulder bridge
-reserve back as straight as possible (avoid bending at the waist)
-head, shoulders and feet are firmly pressed to the floor
-knees in the upward motion can not be reduced, they look clearly at the ceiling (knees, settling into talking about weak adductor muscles, in -this case it is recommended to pinch between your knees right size ball)
-exhale go down on the floor
to enhance the effectiveness of the exercise at the top is delayed for 2-3 seconds and the maximum straining buttocks
for additional complications during the lowering of the pelvis down the buttocks on the floor does not lie down, but only slightly touch. This increases the burden on the target muscle. Perform 3 sets of 20-30 bridges each.

Glute exercises: Glute kickbacks


In that glute exercise, bend like a horse on a floor or on exercise mat. Thrust one of the feet backward and take leg higher opposite to the ground as shown in the figure. Go back to the initial position and now repeat with the other leg. Perform 3 sets of 20-30 kickback exercise each.


The benefits of these glute exercises increased strength and flexibility in your quads.
To make this glute exercise less complicated, you can reduce the number of repetitions you do in a set and / or take a little extra time between each jump.


Potential injury, in particular those relating to the knees may occur if the exercise is done correctly.
Those with bad knees should be especially careful when doing these gulte exercises.