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December 23, 2014
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Doctors have called the fruit that must be there in the winter, so as not to ache and boost immunity

fruite healthyFruit are a natural antibiotics. here we explain five fruit which is good for you and act as a antibiotics, these natural antibiotics fright with inside diseases of your body and help you to live heather .

1. Persimmon

 Persimmon fruit

Orange color of its flesh speaks about a lot of beta-carotene. This substance, a derivative of vitamin A, reinforces eyesight stimulates cell renewal lung and bronchi.

Help alleviate cough milkshake with persimmon (whisk in a blender with a glass of milk with purified ripe fruit).
Also in the persimmon many nicotinic acid (vitamin PP), which helps fight fatigue and is involved in production of the hormone serotonin – our natural antidepressant.

And it has a plant sugars that are useful for the heart and it does not harm the figure. Scientists from the University of Munich established: 1-2 ripe persimmon fruit a day to help with the initial stages of hypertension normalize pressure without medication.

Determine ripeness persimmon can be brown on the number of dashes on the skin – the more, the sweeter the fruit.

2. WINTER APPLES (Antonivka)

witnter apples

Malic and citric acid very hardy varieties stimulate metabolism. Cold morning the body will wake up if you drink tea infused into slices Antonovka.

In these baked apples improve the functioning of the stomach and intestines (effective, but not aggressive means a tendency to constipation).

The seeds “winter” apples a lot of iodine: 5-6 apple seeds cover the daily requirement. A heightened sensitivity to cold – one of the most common symptoms of thyroid problems caused by including the lack of this trace element.

Antonovka has long been used as a remedy for the winter beriberi: the spring it is saved up to 90% of vitamin C, while in other fruits and vegetables the content drops to 40-30%, says the doctor-immunologist Elena Milovidova.


Eat a pomegranate or drinking a glass of pomegranate juice a day – a great way to clean the blood from infectious diseases. It contains enzymes that stimulate the production of red blood cells – red blood cells.

Binders pomegranate help remove mucus in bronchitis and pneumonia, as well as stimulate the pancreas. But when acidity of the stomach pomegranate juice in its pure form is contraindicated – it is better to dilute it with carrot, advises nutritionist Svetlana care.



These citrus fruits ripen in December and retain all the benefits until mid-summer. Immunologists recommend to eat in the winter half of the day on citrus in the prevention of colds infections. Grapefruit juice is a diuretic (diuretic) property. What helps gently lower blood pressure. When hypertension is recommended to take 1/4 cup of grapefruit juice for 20-30 minutes before eating.

Also, this fruit contains a substance bromelain, which enhances lipid metabolism, more simply, help “burn” fats.

But better to eat only the pulp of grapefruit, removing barriers between the slices. They have a lot of corrosive bitterness, which can damage the stomach.

You swayed in transport, choking on the subway? Buy at the pharmacy bottle of essential oil of grapefruit – it frees the breath, relieves attacks of nausea and dizziness.



If it priudarit frost, vitamin C bog berry becomes only more! And scientists have found in cranberries acids identical antibiotics against microbes class E. Coli (this large group of bacteria that cause inflammation of the kidneys, bladder, infectious gastroenteritis).

Moreover, as the experience of Finnish experts at the University of Turku, cranberry extract effectively even against those strains of bacteria that have become resistant to traditional antibiotics