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December 25, 2014
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December 26, 2014

hula hooping for slim and fitThe cult classic is back: hula hoop! With the new tires work out waist and hips more effectively – and do not even have to leave your own home.

Simple & Best of Women Fitness: Hula Hooping

loseit-michele-obama-haula-hoopingSometimes the simplest fitness equipment are particularly effective. This is also true for the hula-hoop. It is lightweight, inexpensive – and maybe even find somewhere a beauty childhood in the closet. Stars like Beyoncé, Michelle Obama and Liv Tyler have built the modern Hula Hooping as a full-body workout in their fitness workout.

nude-beyonce-doing-hula-hoopingIn particular, the center of the body can thus be strengthened. The momentum with the tire can not only unnecessary pounds on the belly disappear, but also strengthens the legs, buttocks and back muscles. Through rhythmic and smooth movement of the body is also the fat burning boost in the body and increased stamina. The consistent rotation of the hula around the waist so is not only fun, but leads them step by step to the desired figure. Those who prefer trains his sexy hip movement in the group for the trendy dance workout is Hot Hula ideal. The pesky love handles with flowing movements are brought to Polynesian drum sounds quite a sweat. Per hour 500 to 900 calories can be burned in the trend sport from the Pacific. So, let’s go – let’s swing those hips!

Hula Hoop Gives More motivation with music

Precisely because the Hüftkreisen lot of dancing has, it makes music with twice as much fun. At what rate the Hula particularly smooth circles, depends on the mood, the speed now and your musical preferences. It is best to test out different styles of music, to then compile a list with the appropriate hits.


loseit-rounded-rope hula hoopingFlat stomach
Hula Hoop is not equal to Hula Hoop. While the most colorful tires were formerly either of wood or plastic, there are now tire from completely different materials, models with weights, massage nubs and even battery operation to produce a slight vibration that will make the training more effective. The Health Hoop is equipped for example with massage nubs and magnets. The vibration intensity is depending on the model by the weight of different light or heavy. Whilst circling a mild to intense massage effect on abdominal, back and hip area is exercised. The massage is aimed at strengthening the tissues and strengthen the core muscles in addition. The magnets stimulate the purposes of Far Eastern medicine, the blood circulation and improve metabolism. Hoop-what? Possibilities of hula hooping for an effective workout can be expanded further by combining it with other sports. Hoopilates means a new trend variants: Here are the benefits of hula and Pilates are interconnected. Funny hears it on definitely.