How to Lose Belly Fat
August 28, 2014
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November 30, 2014

lose weight after pregnancy It hurts and brings the feeling to get the same offered the place for pregnant women in the web.  A distended abdomen can be very uncomfortable. After pregnancy, lose weight and look smart is a big issue for women. Almost everyone knows the feeling: The stomach rumbles and tweaks, is still visible and you fight against bloating – a bloated can really ruin a day. Causes of bloat, there are some. There are a few preventative measures you can take to prevent a bloated belly to happiness. In addition, there are many little tricks that help mitigation of complaints when it has caught you yet once again.

Eat less but frequently to Lose Weight


You should Eat frequent smaller meals instead of three large ones. If you strain your digestive tract with a whole turkey for lunch, he will have to nibble harder than if you put it throughout the day with the bird feed. its also helps you to losing your fat.



Hastily eating and taking of food upsets your stomach several times: first, do not chew well enough and your digestive tract has more to do with it, to put the food on the other hand, the probability is great that you with the fork not only bite but also a lot of air record, which then ends up in the stomach. The air in the stomach may increase the pressing feeling in addition. Another side effect of the slow chewing: You eat less automatically . Since the Sättigungsgrat starts only after 15 to 20 minutes, you should take your time when eating.



Also in terms of bloat is the (slender) Drinking an important issue. For one thing, you should definitely give your stomach enough liquid so that it can easily break down the food – at least two liters a day – on the other hand favor liquids such as coffee and alcohol a bloated because you stress the stomach. Also, cola and black tea are on the ban list if you often suffer from bloating.



Movement is also poison for the bloating. That means, first, that it does not like the nasty body mid-companion, if you regularly at the gym or outdoors sweating , and secondly, that after lunch a little walk – just a digestive walk – should lose weight.

WHAT HELPS AGAINST A BLOATED, IF YOU STILL PRESSES AGAIN? The burger had to be easy, even though you know that you can sit in 20 minutes in the next meeting. That’s okay, something comes just once before. Of course, you’ll regret it later than one hour later bitterly because a tight black dress that suddenly like maternity fashion looks and b. her tummy hurts and also are embarrassing noises. Not to mention the stress that you have, because you desperately try to keep your flatulence in the truest sense of the word itself.



A nice cup of tea can do wonders and help to lose weight . Baby is filled with fennel prefer from, the the belly actually wonderfully relaxed. All that need to think of the smell of long successfully endured stomach upsets childhood, chamomile tea is highly recommended reading. If that still looks too much like disease – except for black tea hot drink calms actually in any sort. IBEROGAST An OTC drug that provides relief is Iberogast. The tincture, made up of nine herbs composed, tastes like a herbal liquor, Recognises the stomach but in contrast, actually on.


hot water bottle for pregnancyBack at home (or in a single office), you can indulge your stomach a hot water bottle for relief. This relaxes the gastro-intestinal tract and relieve the bloating. Source: Cover Media