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December 31, 2014
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With the return of spring looming wearing the skirt . What motivate your desires shapely thighs and strong legs.Follow the leg workout program, After defining your goal, it is moving!

Shaping your quadricepsshapely thighs

Starting position: You are sitting on your office chair, or home, back straight. Replace the seat so as not to touch the floor with your feet to get a better range of motion. If it’s complicated, put a book under your buttocks to lift you.

The right move: Extend both legs together right in front of you contracting the quadriceps (the large muscle on the front of the thigh). Score a mini-break time to feel the contraction (two seconds are enough), then rest them. Do 5 sets of 15 repetitions with a pause of a minute.

Benefits: This working muscle building is essentially focused on quadriceps which will gain in strength and volume.

Adductor tone
Starting position: You are sitting in a chair, back straight. Choose a cushion that you place between your knees.

The right move: Try to tighten the knees for 3 seconds, then release. Do 5 sets of 10 reps with a one-minute break between each.

Benefits: This work in static operates a targeted muscle building effect on the adductors. Located inside of the thighs, these muscles can lose tone, if we are not careful.

Refine thighs with jumping jacksRefine thighs with jumping jacks
Starting position: You are standing with feet together and arms along the body.

The right move: High jump feet apart, about a meter. Keep legs straight and be sure to place the tips of feet and knees outward, otherwise you risk injury. Then, repeat a jump to bring your legs. Do 5 sets of 20 repetitions without stopping with a one-minute break in between.

Benefits: This type of carwork will seek all the muscles of the thighs, and refining, burning more than galba.

Strengthen with alternating slots
Starting position: You are standing with feet apart the width of the basin. Arms along the body.

The right move: The back straight, abs contracted to protect the lower back, bend your right knee and step back left leg back so place your right thigh horizontal. You are back slot. All your weight is shifted on the back leg. Careful to keep the front knee directly above the ankle. Step back, and then switch legs. Alternate 10 times on each side. Do 5 sets with 1 minute break in between.

Benefits: This working cardio type solicits the quadriceps and hamstrings (back of thigh), combining curves and drying fat.

Strengthening the abductors with the elastic
Starting position: Sitting on the floor, body straight, knees bent, legs slightly apart and the spring passed around the knees. Ask shore feet flat, arms stretched behind her back and hands flat.

The right move: Spread the knees, which remain bent. Hold 20 seconds. You should feel resistance. And then return to the starting position. Four sets of 15 movements.

Benefits: This movement seeks external thigh muscles, abductors called, by a working muscle building. You firm up smoothly.