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December 21, 2014
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December 21, 2014
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Scientists have proved that the less we sleep, the more we eat. And told me how to sleep, to get rid of fat [five simple rules of weight loss in a dream]

¬†How to lose weight while sleeping? A team of European researchers, neuroscientists from the Swedish Uppsala University proved that the lack of a night’s sleep leads to an increased need for food. And chronic nedospit average person consumes per day up to 40% more calories than you need. A bad night’s sleep is to blame for the fact that the hunger hormone begins to produce properly. And the signal of saturation to the brain with a delay. Author Dr. Colin Chapman said: “The lack of nighttime sleep suppresses the responsiveness of deep structures of the brain that control appetite and, on the contrary, increase the activity of pleasure centers. Because chronic lack of sleep often leads to obesity. “The experiment was as follows: researchers asked participants to sleep the first night of the study and did not sleep the next. On the morning of each day the volunteers were given $ 50 to buy food. We had to choose from 40 of the proposed products, half of which were high-calorie, and the other half – low-calorie.

And after a sleepless night, participants were buying 18% more food, and more dense than a day after a full sleep.

Also during sleep and sleepless night they were examined: do electroencephalogram and tests for hormones.

It turned out that the hunger hormone ghrelin (it produces special cells of the gastric mucosa) most actively produced in the morning after a sleepless night. As a result, the entire next day a man pursues ravenous appetite, and congestion control is seriously reduced.

But if a person has a good night’s sleep for a week, then it is during deep sleep phase activated processes burning excess fat. So we can say, the most active we lose weight in your sleep.


Eugene Argunovich, a sleep doctor, CMM.:

– “Broken Dream” when you wake up frequently during the night, or trouble falling asleep very strong influence on the endocrine system. Reduced melatonin, sleep hormone makes metabolism including lipid (fat) slower. Food is digested longer and calories faster settle on the waist and hips. In addition, chronic sleep deprivation fewer people moving (sports simply can not), his emaciated body begins to work in the “conservation of energy”. Which also leads to weight gain. Good same dream, in addition to proper hormone production, and even gives courage, desire to move. A movement – it’s slimming.


Five rules for “sleepy” slimming

To the method of “sleep and losing weight” started working, you need to get a full night’s sleep. To do this, you need to follow a few simple but important rules, experts advise the World Organization of Sleep Medicine:

1. Try to go to bed at the same time every day, and on weekends too. For adult urban man it may be between 11 pm until half past midnight. And let uninterrupted night sleep lasts 7-7.5 hours.

2. Avoid alcohol ingestion 4 hours before sleep (more than a glass of wine or strong drink 50 grams) if you have not quit smoking, not dynamite at least a couple of hours before going to bed (nicotine strongly excites the nervous system).

3. Products with caffeine (chocolate, cola, for example) and coffee can be consumed at least 3-4 hours before bedtime.

4. Do not eat at night heavy, spicy, sweet food. A light snack before bedtime may be, especially if it will be dominated by foods rich in tryptophan (an amino acid that helps the development of the sleep hormone) – a hard cheese, whole wheat bread, honey.

5. Exercise regularly, but it’s better in the morning, but not before bedtime. If you go to the fitness room at night, try not to lean on strength training, better swimming, track and aerobics classes at the gym such as an ellipse.