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August 22, 2014
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buttlock If for some women, the curves located around the hips are a sign of femininity, for others it is a real complex. And do not concern only overweight women, this unsightly fat deposits commonly called “saddlebags” also applies to women with normal weight and a healthy lifestyle. But do not panic! If saddlebags part difficult to defeat rebel areas, it is not inevitable. Overview of strategies that undermine the saddlebags. How to lose saddlebags is not longer an issue.

Cosmetic Surgery and saddlebags: liposuction, an effective method!
The saddlebags is a mass of fatty deposits that installs and is gaining importance. To remove these beads cellulite, cosmetic surgery is an effective, thanks to the method of liposuction or liposuction. This procedure involves sucking fat using very fine cannulas. Small scars are then hidden under the fold of the buttock. The procedure is done under local anesthesia, epidural or general anesthesia. It lasts between 30 minutes and 1 hour. Afterward, there may be bruising or swelling that disappear quickly. The recovery of activity in turn is after 4 days to 1 week. While in some cases, there are still shortcomings (irregular surface asymmetry …), these can be processed by a touch six months later.

This gives excellent results, the silhouette is enhanced by a fine healthy lifestyle (healthy eating, sport …).

Note: Certain conditions are required before launching. First, the type of skin should be of good quality “that is to say have a good capacity of withdrawal,” says Dr. David Picovski, Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon.
Then this action is not an express way to diet. It should not be a particularly overweight at the time of the intervention. Indeed, “liposuction is not a weight loss method. She does not lose weight but to reshape the silhouette of the patient,” explains the expert.

Alternative methods to remove the saddlebags
Lipotomy sparingly

Aesthetic medicine offers a less invasive technique to remove the saddlebags: lipotomy. This method consists, after a local anesthesia, to inject saline into the area to be treated to destroy fat cells or adipocytes.
Adipocytes these then pass into the bloodstream and debris are removed by the lymphatic system.

Tip: This technique practiced primarily by aesthetic physicians, however, is not recommended by cosmetic surgeons. The French Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic warns patients attempted by technology lipotomy lipolysis or for treating cellulite nonsurgical way because “the injection done may possibly be associated with other non-surgical procedures, such as the application of ultrasonic externally “.
The Health Authority has also issued December 16, 2010 a notice confirming the potentially hazardous nature of these techniques lipolysis but they remain nevertheless allowed when performed by trained physicians.

Sports and fitness, bet on the right horseĀ 
More accessible to all, sports can be an effective strategy in the fight against the saddlebags. Number of activities that specifically target the sport-fitnessrebel zone, “the Adi-boxing, Crossfit and Grit are very effective to narrow the saddlebags” says Lucile Woodward, Sports Coach. These sports have in common is to propose a series of varied and intense exercise for a short time to make up the cardio and strength training, sculpting the silhouette work. Results, fat deposits melt, giving way to a more slender silhouette, refined.

For those who want to jump into the water, Aquabiking (meeting bike basin) helps to sculpt a mermaid body. This activity refines thighs while water activates microcirculation, promotes drainage and eliminates cellulite. The waist and hips are redrawn with two to three sessions per week for 3 months. The Aquabiking practiced in group lessons or individual cabins.

Sports fans will build on the outdoor running associated with muscle building exercises. Practiced regularly (45 minutes, 3 times per week), running helps burn calories and refine the silhouette. Saddlebags fades as soon as one is required to submit to regular training.

Finally, the coach suggests an original activity, indoor football, “With two or three times a week, indoor football is enough cardio to work on building muscle to act on the silhouette.”

The council of the coach: generally prefer the regular practice of a sport with a sufficiently strong to observe a result saddlebags intensity. The work glutes, interior and outer thighs demands of energy, this is an area that burns quickly, but do not get discouraged! In the long run these muscles permanently exert an action which prevents the drainage storage and manufacturing dimpling.

The rolling massage, the key to a remodeled skin:

Saddlebags is a cluster of cellulite than massage-roll may fade when applied in addition to a regular, healthy diet combined with physical activity.rolling fitness 1
This massage technique (the skin is pinched between the thumb and forefinger by rolling under the fingers) dislodges stored under the skin in the buttocks and hip fat. When skin is kneaded, the fat cells are broken which favors their disposal. This practice can be done manually or mechanically.

Slimming creams, anti-cellulite and firming is used to supplement rolling massage. They smooth and improve the appearance of skin texture and sometimes a tightening effect. Some slimming products are specifically designed to act on rebel areas. Their sips of caffeine formulas associated destock ants and firming ingredients come dislodge fat.
However, the results are not as if the quality of the skin is improved, fat cells stimulated and feel “deflated” proven, losing inches not always unanimous