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November 30, 2014
Arm Curl Bench Larry Scott
December 10, 2014

A slender approach is indicative of a mature personality. So follow our fitness exercises for hourglass figure and you will quickly see that your body is gradually improving and sustainably.

Some anatomical landmarks hourless fitness

The anterolateral abdominal muscles are big and oblique on each side. They are mainly used to rotate and tilt.
How to restructure its lateral abdominal wall and find a refined and valued figure?
Embed weekly in your life moments of physical exercises to remove this fat source of discomfort and inconvenience. Just practicing wisely the following exercises for 20 to 25 minutes 4-5 times a week. The regularity of workouts is essential.

Exercise # 1: lateral tilting at the ground

 Starting Position: Lie on your back, knees bent, feet apart on the ground, chin. Take off your shoulders slightly up by contracting the abdominals. The arms are stretched along the body.

Running the exercise: Exhale, touch left heel with the left hand and the right heel with the right hand.lateral tilting at the ground hourglass figure

Tips: during exercise, keep the lumbar plated ground, while the shoulders remain detached. Keep the chin into the chest. Hold the

contraction of the abdominals. While moving from left to right your bust.

Muscles worked: mainly large and small oblique but the rectus abdomen.

Double benefit!

With this move, you benefit to solicit and strengthen your entire lap belt.

Drive: 4 sets of 20 repetitions. Rest time between sets: 45 seconds.

Exercise # 2: Bust Rotation with stick

Two solutions come to you, or you realize that movement standing or sitting on a bench or stool.

  • 1st option (advanced level)

Starting position: Stand with feet spread wider than the pelvis, legs slightly bent, back pelvis (pelvic retroversion), tight buttocks.

Place the stick the shoulder blades, hands resting on the stick without too much pressure.

Running the exercise: Make rotations of the bust on one side then the other still keeping your pelvis, buttocks contracted, knees bent. Rythmez breathing with the pace of the movement.


  • Fix your gaze on a point in front of you. For the duration of the exercise, your head and spine are not moving;
  • Due to its upright position, this exercise requires balance and control;
  • Make this move calmly, without sudden effect. It does no good to falter;
  • It is not advisable to practice this exercise if you have problems in the lower back.

Muscles worked: large oblique and deep oblique ones. Incidentally the rectus abdomen.

Drive train: it is with a series of several minutes that the best results are obtained. Place your clock radio before you. 7 times 1 minutes to start. Rest time: 45 seconds.

  • 2nd possibility (beginner)

Starting position: sitting astride a bench or a stool, back straight, clad feet on the ground, stick placed the shoulder blades.

Running the exercise: Make rotations of the bust, one side then the other. Rythmez breathing with the pace of the movement.

Tips: your head and spine remain fixed.

Muscles worked: large and small oblique.

Drive train: your position is more comfortable than in the previous year, the working time will be longer: 10 times 1 minute. Rest time: 45 seconds.

Exercise # 3: Slight twist ground

Starting Position: Lie on your back with bent feet in contact legs, knees apart, hands behind his head.Slight twist ground hourglass figure

Running the exercise: exhale, take off the head and the right shoulder of the ground with a slight twist, contracting maximum abdominals. Repeat the movement with the left shoulder.

Tips: lumbar stick to the ground. No hand pressure should be exerted on the neck. These are the abdominals that provide the effort, not the cervical vertebrae.

Muscles worked: the main, large and small oblique but the rectus abdomen.

Drive: 6 sets of 12 to 20 repetitions (depending on your skills). Rest time: 45 seconds.

Exercise # 4: lateral flexion of the torso with rubber band

The rubber band is a rubber elastic which conforms to the shape of the muscle and which is adaptable regardless morphology. It requires no adjustment. Its use is practical. You can work from several angles: large amplitude, small amplitude and isometric (static work). Depending on your level of training, you can add one or two additional elastic. The goal is to keep the elastic in maximum tension. They are found in sporting goods stores. It is used alone or in groups by dragging them into the ring provided.

Starting position: Stand with feet spread wider than the pelvis, legs slightly bent, receipts and buttocks contracted, hand size.

Place the rubber band in both the foot and the hand of one side or the other of the body.

Running the exercise: exhale, bend laterally bust the opposite side of the elastic. Then return to starting position, keeping always the elastic tension.

Tips: Keep the contraction of the gluteal for the duration of the exercise; do not tilt the torso backward but in the axis of the hips. Do not try to go fast. Remember to switch sides.

Muscles worked: large and small oblique, less intensely the rectus of the abdomen and the square of the loins (back muscle).

Drive: 5 sets of 15 to 20 repetitions on each side (depending on your possibilities but very long series work best). Rest time between sets 30 seconds.

Exercise # 5: Bust statement with torsion

Starting position: lying back (lying on the back), legs bent, feet on the floor, arms extended along the body. Chin tucked.Bust statement with torsion

Running the exercise: exhale, raise the chest by wrapping the spine. Halfway through, make a twisting of the torso either

right or left. The arms bent accompany movement to the end. Get inspired by controlling the descent and the rest lower back to the floor.

Tips: it is an exercise of a level of an advanced level. Make the twists without exaggeration, take the time to make the move.

Muscles worked: the entire midsection is biased with a more pronounced on the great location and small oblique and transverse.

Drive: 5 sets of 10 repetitions. Rest time: 45 seconds between each set.

Exercise # 6: Slight ascent and descent of the lateral ground pool

Starting position: lying costal, both legs together, support brachial front of the chest, head resting on the ground in the arm.

Running the exercise: exhale, lift your legs slightly spaced a few inches above the ground and then downwards.

Tips: during ascents and descents side of the pelvis, contract your glutes, and stay well in the body axis. Do not deport backwards.

Muscles worked: active solicitation oblique.

Drive: 10 sets of 20 repetitions on each side.

If you follow these tips, you will only get success. The results are visible after 5-6 weeks. You will lose fat and height will refine and become prominent.

If you are new, some movements may seem difficult. The best judge is you. Do not do too much. Go at your own pace. Work smart. It is the quality of work that matters. The number of sets and repetitions is given as an average. Each of you has different physical abilities.

It is the repetition workouts that will allow you to gain more muscle tone and thus realize all the movements correctly. Be patient and careful.

By cons, if you are an advanced level, you can increase the number of sets and repetitions provided comply with the investment guidelines. Beware of overtraining!

The result also depends on your attendance and your determination. In all cases, pay attention to your diet!