Ab Workouts for Men
August 26, 2014
Lose Weight after Pregnancy
November 30, 2014

Men and women are very attentive to their stomach.We are telling you how to lose belly fat fast  and most of us would probably change this little battle against a flat stomach and nice firm ABS!  No quick fix, however, it will be based on a good diet and some strength exercises.

An effective abs workout buttocksquick-way-lose-belly-fat
• 2 in 1: legs and abs
• Buttocks and abdominal
• Abdominal Operation
• Physical activity at work, it’s possible
• With tone while cooking
• Do exercises in her living room

Getting Abs quickly Might as well admit it, have a nice flat belly, it makes us dream. But good news! There are methods to help us work this rebel zone. abs exercises, movements, discover how to have a flat stomach in concrete!

Build Muscle Abs and Lose Belly Fat

Concretes abdominal require effort. No real results without preparation or attendance. By following our stomach exercises reflate-bellygularly and patience, you’re likely to lose belly fat and the muscles.

Some anatomical landmarks

The abdominal muscles are the anterolateral wall of the abdomen. They include four muscles on each side:
• The big right abdomen
• The oblique
• The internal oblique
• The transverse (deep muscle).

Sacred abs! What are they?

They maintain the viscera and trunk flexors are. They protect the internal muscles during intense efforts. They also suffer a part relieve pressures and especially the spine. Finally, they help maintain the midsection which released or insufficiently muscular causes problems.

Flat stomach concrete

Best way to lose belly fat is if this set of exercises can be adapted to each. You can do home safely on a gym mat.

Exercise 1: slight flexion

Starting position: Lie back (supine), knees bent, feet on the floor (hip width). There are two possibilities: either you put your haslight-flexio-exercisends behind your head (your hands are only there to support your head, you should not shoot) or arm outstretched in front (toward the knees).

Performing the exercise: light reading bust (shoulder separation) exhaling and keeping the lumbar plated ground. Inhale when you return to the starting position.

Muscles worked: the rectus abdomen.
Do four sets of 20 repetitions or more if you are very driven.

Give you 10 seconds of rest between sets or more if you are starting out.

Exercise 2: Now its time to Go Advance
Now you do a harder and advance level exercise to lose belly fat quickly

Starting position: bust-exercise Lie on your back, bent the knees, feet should be on the floor (to hip’s width). Choose one of two best ways, either keeping the arms straight on the ground in front ( actually this will facilitate expansion and realization the movement amount of arm), or placing the hands at temples ( do not block the hands behind your head for the safety of your neck).

Exercise Performance: Now Gradually roll back the spine and take off, verte-bra to verte-bra, keeping the chin straight up to your boobs. Fit yourself by blowing and enter to stomach. Inhale slowly, when returning the point where started without taking any shoulders rest.

Workout for Muscles: Abdomen’s rectus, small  and large oblique.

Do six or four sets of 13-20 repetitions according to your muscle power or ability.

Exercise # 3: vertebral winding

Starting position: vertebral-winding-exeeciseYou should lie back, bent the legs on the chest, and arms fully ground forward.

Performing the Workout: Exhale, put off tummy and wrapping the lower part of back (just a portion of your spine not whole), keep your knees bent and move nearer to the chest. Now relax then inhale while going back to position where started, without having any rest to your feet on the ground as so not to arch your back.

Muscles worked: Abdominals movement on lower block will be located

Achieve 6 set of twenty repetitions or even more, this depends totally on your muscle and a desire to lose belly fat magically fast.

Exercise 4: Approximation of the top rail and bottom rail (low and upper back).

low-upper-back-exercise Starting position: Lie back (supine), legs bent on the chest, hands behind your head (do not pull on the neck) or at the temples.

Performing the exercise: exhaling bringing the two segments, i.e., simultaneous separation of the lower back and shoulders. Inhale while returning to the starting position without rest their feet on the ground.

Muscles worked: abdominal rectus, insertions of lower abdominal and oblique.

repeat six sets this exercise by 20 times, or according to your muscle power. Its good if you give 10-15 seconds of rest as interval between sets.

Exercise # 5: tilt and flexion rotation

low and upper back Upper back and low lie back, bent your legs to chest, the angle should be between calves and thighs, and your lumber must touch to ground. Right hand should be head bent, with stretching in line to left arm shoulder

Performing the exercise: ending right elbow touches your left knee. The lower back is still glued to the ground. Change sides.

Muscles worked: large and small oblique.

Do four sets of 20 repetitions on each side. Alternatively perform the same exercise, but keeping knees bent and feet on the ground.

Exercise # 6: Statement bust

Sexercise 6tarting position: dorsal recumbent (lying on the back), knees bent over your bust, keeping the angle between the thighs and calves. Lumbar glued to the floor. Hands behind the head or temple.

Performing the exercise: breathe and take off the shoulders by rolling back to try to touch the knees with the head. Inspired by unwinding the torso toward the floor without raising the shoulders.

Muscles worked: This exercise locates stress on the rectus abdomen but also the obliques.

Do four sets of 10 to 20 reps according to your possibilities.

Emphasize the quality of effort

Perform the exercises one after the other by agreeing a break between each exercise or series.
Beware of over training, observe the placement guidelines and breathing. Do not try to go fast, put quality effort.

If you are new, do the exercises three times a week. By cons, if you have a good level, do it five times a week.
To make it more enjoyable work, tune in to music that motivates you.

Caution, danger!

Make no abdominal exercise with your feet stuck or held by a third party.