Chest Workouts for Men
January 4, 2015
Lift one arm forward with the lower block standing
March 16, 2015

dumbbell shoulder press exercise

Starting position – while sitting on the bench. His back kept straight, hands deploy elbows forward. Keep dumbbells at shoulder level in supination (thumbs turned outwards):

– Take a breath and squeeze the dumbbell vertically by rotating the wrist 90 °, so that the hands have taken the position of pronation (thumbs turned inwards);

– At the end of the movement to exhale.

Dumbbell bench press with a twist of your wrist – ending exercises

bench dumbbell shoulder press exerciseThis exercise develops the deltoid muscle, mainly in the front part, and clavicular portion of the pectoralis major muscle, triceps and serratus anterior muscle.


This exercise can be done sitting, leaning back on the bench, not to arch your lower back too much.

Only trained athletes can perform his stand:

– Alternately – one or the other hand;

– Alternatively – with each hand separately.

Dumbbell shoulder press with a twist of your wrist. Variant alternating pressing.

bench dumbbell shoulder press shoulder exerciseNote: Head elbows forward, you reduce excessive friction in the shoulder joint, which can lead to inflammation, provoking a very serious violation.

This exercise is recommended to do for people with fragile shoulders. It replaces exercises often lead to injuries, for example, the classic bench with dumbbells with elbows out of leads or press of a bar because of the head.


Application Exercises – Dumbbell shoulder press with a twist of your wrist

To: Everyone from beginner to master.

When: On the day of training the upper chest or on the day of pumping medium deltas. In the middle or at the end of the session. The first exercise on the front delts. After a bench with a dumbbell wrist twists follow ups one arm forward with the lower block standing.

How much: 3-4 sets of 8-15 reps on.