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December 15, 2014
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December 17, 2014

So, on to the practical application of knowledge. Change the proportions supply. We need to increase the intake of protein, minimize intake of diet foodfat, and learn to consume complex carbohydrates.
The normal admission diet plan three food nutrients as a percentage of total calories should be as follows:

proteins – 20-30%
carbohydrates – 50-60%
fat – 10-20%

How much have the right diet?
How many calories is necessary to manipulate the weight? To begin to identify how many calories needed to maintain current weight using the following formula:
▪ weight (in pounds) x 14 – for women
▪ weight (in pounds) x 15 – for men
(1 pound = 0.453 kg).

The resulting figure shows the approximate number of calories you need to maintain your weight the same (basic metabolism). If your goal – a set of muscle mass, it is necessary to provide additional calories over the resulting figures, as for building muscle requires a lot of energy. Typically, for a set of muscle mass must be added to your calorie daily diet has 500 calories – this is the amount that you need for a positive energy balance when working on weight

If you weigh 150 pounds (70 kg), your basic metabolism requires 150H15 = 2250 calories. For muscle growth, add another 500 calories. Obtain 2750. It is the number of calories you need to consume 150 pound man of average build for muscle growth.

Consider your body type. (Ectomorph, mesomorph and endomorph) to produce the correct diet. And your daily physical activity.
Skinny ectomorph can easily add up to 500 base calories to your diet. And all of 1000. And it will only benefit him unlike endomorphs that when iterating begin to gain fat. If your work is connected with increased physical activity, total daily caloric again need to increase by about the same 500 calories.

As it is in the right diet plan?

Well, if you can eat 5-6 times a day. Even better, if you can eat whenever you feel as soon as signs of hunger. Even at night!hunk 02

Immediately after waking up early in the morning take a large portion of high-quality protein-carbohydrate mixture to neutralize the catabolism and “run” day of anabolic reactions …

Proper diet before exercise should contain carbohydrates, proteins and fats do not contain (preferably not more than 3 grams). Carbs (carbohydrates) before training are necessary in order to load glycogen bins and provide muscle and brain energy. During training the fuel is burned very quickly and need it to be glycogen because of fat the body can not deliver the desired amount of energy (due to lack of oxygen). 30 minutes before the workout take high-quality protein-carbohydrate mixture to increase the level of insulin in the blood and raise the tone of the energy;

Every 15 minutes of exercise, drink carbohydrate drinks.

Shock” protein intake is necessary to plan for after the training time. During 60-120 minutes after physical exertion in the body open m. N. “Protein window.” Timely reception of protein in this time interval is a potent stimulator of anabolism.

Take before bedtime drink a small amount of protein, free amino acids and protein in the tablets to relieve night catabolic reactions;

During the rest of the training you need to raise the overall caloric intake. In particular, at the expense of complex carbohydrates.

How to start up the right diet?
Teach yourself to split meals within the required number of calories. If you eat three times a day, arrange for a second breakfast. And add two cocktails. A protein-carbohydrate immediately after exercise. And one protein at bedtime. This is not difficult. The efficiency of training will increase many times.

During the first weeks of regular training gradually give up unhealthy food – confectionery products, fatty foods, animal fats, white bread and rolls, all kinds of cola. Eliminate from your diet sausages and smoked, semi-finished products and canned goods. Try to eat complex carbohydrates and animal proteins in large quantities.

Do not abuse food additives in their diet. Get a basic calorie natural product.

Here one of the diets, which is designed to set the mass. It includes the number of products and which need to be consumed per day.hunk 03

Meat – 400 g
Cottage cheese – 400 g
Eggs – 5 pcs
Porridge – 500 g
Bread – 200 g
Fruit – 300 g
Vegetables – 300 g
Oil – ’30
Water – 1500

Only about 3,000 kcal. This diet is made for a person with Average weight of 70 kg. But it provided that it is nothing but the gym is not engaged (sedentary work). If you lead a physically active lifestyle, you can safely add another 1,000 kcal

Mealtime I leave to your discretion, subject to availability. Around the correct diet might look like this:

Eating 1
A large portion of high-quality protein-carbohydrate mixture to neutralize the catabolism and “run” day of anabolic reactions…

Eating 2
A hearty breakfast of complex carbohydrates (cereals, rice) and a large portion of animal protein (meat, poultry, fish, eggs)

Eating 3
Lunch. Emphasis on protein.

Eating 4
Lunch Time. Receive a large number of complex carbohydrates and proteins.

“Impact” intake of proteins and simple carbohydrates in liquid form immediately after exercise (Gainer)

Eating 5
A large portion of the natural protein foods, with moderate content of complex carbohydrates.

Eating 6

A large portion of the protein and no carbs and fat. Protein should be “long”. For example casein. Gidralizaty not suitable, because the body quickly digested and the rest of the night remains amino acid “building blocks” of growth.