Barbell Wrist Curl Extension
December 31, 2014
One Hand Dumbbell Tricep Extension
December 31, 2014

Bicep-by-stretching-armStarting positionstanding in the center of the simulator between the arms of the upper blocks.

Upper arm blocks keep under grip:

– Inhale and bend the arms, pulling the handle to the head;

– At the end of the movement to exhale.

This exercise is used to complete the training to develop the biceps. It basically uses a short head, good cutting and stretching it. This exercise also trains the shoulder muscles and elbow ex tensor nonsustaining.

Never use in this exercise too heavy weight.

Focus on reducing the inside of the head of the biceps.

Option Exercise: execution of movements with one hand.


Option exercise: performing motion with one hand

With top-grip brush during stress biceps effort extends to the distal biceps tendon partially rotated radius around its axis, resulting in the palm of pronation position.


With gibanie hands with arms upper block – brush top

When the brush-grip bottom during stress biceps force is transmitted to the distal tendon that turns radial bone around its axis, resulting in the palm of supination.



With gibanie hands with arms upper block – brush the bottom

Note: biceps shoulder not only the main flexor hands, but also the most powerful of her instep.


Video for exercises – Curls with handles upper blocks




Application exercises curl with arms upper blocks

To: Athletes training mid-level and higher.

When: In the second half of the workout. The last exercise for biceps curls in front with upper arms units perform curls with the stamp of the bar to alternate curls with dumbbells.

How much: 3 sets of 10-15 repetitions.