Forward alternately dumbbell front raise
March 16, 2015
Barbell Front Raise
March 22, 2015

cross hands back shoulder exercisesStarting position – standing. Legs apart, knees slightly bent. Torso tilted forward, back straight, hands holding a cross opposite the handle of the lower block of the simulator:

– Inhale and raise your arms to the side just above shoulder level;

– Exhale at the end of the movement.

This workout loads deltoids, primarily their back. At the time information of the blades in the works include rhomboid muscles, as well as the middle and lower trapezius muscles.

 Application exercises – cross hands back from the lower blocks in the slope

To: Everyone from beginner to master.

When: On the day of training back in the day or pumping medium deltas. In the middle or at the end of the session. After cross swings his arms back to the lower blocks in the slope to cross hands back from the upper blocks.

How much: 3-4 sets of 10-15 reps.