Forward alternately dumbbell front raise
March 16, 2015
Barbell Front Raise
March 22, 2015

cross hand back from the upper blocks shoulder exercisesStarting position – standing face to the simulator. Arms crossed, lift ahead, take the left hand right arm and the right hand – the left:

– Take a breath and dissolve hands in the parties;

– At the end of the movement to exhale.

Cross hand back from the upper units – the beginning of the exercise

cross Mahi hands back from the upper blocks shoulder exercises This exercise loads mainly backs deltoid, infraspinatus muscle, small circular muscle, and the time information of the blades are utilized trapezius muscles and deeper rhomboid muscles.

Small and large rhomboid muscle

Beneath the trapezius, rhomboid muscles connect the blades to the rib cage and spine. In some individuals, small and large rhomboid muscles may merge to form a single muscle.

Note: patients with protruding shoulders due to the excessive development of the chest muscles is an exercise in combination with other exercises to develop back of the shoulder, helps to restore correct posture.

In order to straighten the shoulders well, you should use a moderate load and concentrate at the end of the exercise, trying as much as possible to reduce blade.

Application exercises – cross hand back from the upper blocks

To: Athletes training mid-level and higher.

When: On the day of training back in the day or pumping medium deltas. In the middle or at the end of the session. Before cross sweeps her hands back from the upper block, follow ups with dumbbells in hand to tilt forward.

How much: 3 sets of 10-20 reps.