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December 31, 2014
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Result-oriented chest workouts

Being a practical rather than theorist I will not enumerate bunch of chest exercises and workouts etc. Simpler and lesser is always better, here you find three most effective exercises in least time. All these exercises done on bench, however it doesn’t mean they are same. Let start forming ideal and strong chest workouts

Press of a bar on incline bench

chest workouts to shape perfect hot chest

Basic chest exercise among chest workouts to shape the strength and total weight of pectoral muscles. You use the most high performing weight in this exercise, which make easy and very effective to examine the thoracic muscles of the array. No doubt you will find this exercise, the most powerful and result-orienting in least time for shaping the chest and a first step to load the chest. Yes this exercise is like three birds killing by one stone.

1. Your attention to the difficult growing upper sections.
2. You get the ability to easily track the load by increasing the weights on the bar.
3. Furthermore, the upward slope, “steals” load in breast triceps.

Varying the width of the grip allows you to focus the load across the width of the chest – on the outer, middle or inner part of the top of the chest; commonly used grip slightly wider than shoulder width. Incline bench – 35 degrees. Amplitude – truncated: Do not touch the bottom of the neck chest and do not straighten your elbows all the way up.

Dumbbell bench press on an incline benchbench dumbell pressEffective exercise for the development of the volume and make the chest muscles in good shape. As well as the press of a bar, well-developed muscles of the upper body at all, although the main focus of load-on upper chest.

I908oin the bench press with dumbbells, do not cut the amplitude. This is not a press of a bar. Stretching in the bottom position – is required. And it needs to choose heavy but manageable weight dumbbells. Tilting generally the same as in the press rod.

The Best of Chest Workouts

Breeding dumbbells on incline bench

It is advance and best workout to shape the upper part of chest in ideal way. The most prominant feature of this exercise is – a departure 4m the “cruciform” position of hand, must needed for other workouts on chest.rising dumbbells on bench for best chest workouts

When pressing the dumbbells, go on very slowly by managing your balance, lower down on the straight arms forwarding to pelvis. Reaching the point

below which you can not hold a dumbbell, you get the point projection (down to the gravity vector) plane of motion. Performing exercises for the chest in a motor plane loads well top pectoral muscles, especially in the extended position.

Amplitude – complete. Stretching in the lower position is required. Incline bench can be very different. From negative (-30 degrees) to classical positive (35 -45 degrees). It is recommended to alternate bending and not to pursue weight.

Crossover, Essential for Chest Workoutsbest chest workouts for rope

Excellent formative exercise for the chest to complete the workout. However, in the first year of employment is to forget about it until you have accumulated enough muscle mass.

Exercise maximum tensile upper chest muscles without straining the joints is performed as standing and on an incline bench In the latter case the maximum load on the most difficult growing area “collar” (middle upper part of the thoracic near the neck).
The pace of this exercise for the chest – slow. In a shortened position – pause for peak muscle contraction. Performed with both the upper and the lower roller.

u probably noticed that on my list are no exercises for the chest on the horizontal bar. Even, oh, bench press barbell lying. The fact is that I do not believe in the effectiveness of this exercise. So do not think it necessary to describe it.
There are two good exercises for the chest is not included in the list. This basic exercises, which in addition to the chest, triceps much work. We are talking about a narrow grip bench press barbell and Dips. In these exercises we will focus in more detail when we discuss the training of hands.

Bodybuilding Exercise.

Option bench barbell. The difference lies in the fact that the muscles do not work multiple stabilizers of the shoulder girdle. Since the guides are not allowed to withdraw the bar forward or backward.

Exercises for infants. Bench in the simulator.

At the initial stage of this exercise should not do, preferring barbells and dumbbells. But in the future you may want to do this exercise on the chest.

How to build the chest (CRIB)

All exercises on the chest are divided into two broad categories:

  • Presses (base for the growth of the mass)
    • wiring (forming exercise)


Depending on what we harvest, presses are: Pressing the chest for best chest exercises
• Rods
• Dumbbells

• The simulator

Depending on the angle of the bench (as we press) presses are:

  • Horizontal (bench parallel to the floor)
    • The top of the head (subject to any incline bench)
    • upside down.


  • Dumbbells (main shell)
    • The simulator (meaning such exercises as a crossover, pitch decks and their analogues)
    • Horizontal (bench parallel to the floor)
    • The top of the head (subject to any incline bench)
    • upside down.

Most of the exercises on the chest – complex and involve active bundle of three muscle groups:

  • Pectoral Muscle
    • Triceps
    • Front delta

When training the chest is very important to know and be able to limit the operation of the triceps and deltas, that they should not take the load in infants. To manipulate this:

  • width grip
    • angle of the bench
Width grip barbell bench press and the load on the chest and triceps:
  • Wide grip – external departments chest, triceps work a little, the amplitude of the short (muscle contraction is not full)
    Average grip – chest around obemu, triceps work more optimal amplitude
    Narrow grip – Minimizing chest with an emphasis on the middle section. But triceps takes most of the load, limiting the weight training.