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December 11, 2014
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Simple butt exercises for shapely buttocksbig butlock

Dreams buttocks are no longer the preserve of the beautiful ladies… With our butt exercises, you sculpt quickly tonic and well designed butt!

Tonics and shapely, buttocks participate in the harmony of the silhouette. In muscle  regularly, pace gain lightness and tone.

Rubber band and agile, faithful companions glutes
These five practiced three times a week exercises are a good workout to get encouraging results.
You can start the first sessions without small equipment. Then, after several training sessions to ensure continued progress, use the rubber band or fleet that you can put around the ankles.

Exercise # 1: Hip abduction, ground
Muscles worked: The average and gluteus minimus. hip abduction butt workout
Starting position: Lying rib (lying on the side), arm rests head, both legs on the ground, supporting brachial front of the chest to be well fixed.

Running the exercise: As you exhale, make a leg elevation by contracting the glutes; abduction should not exceed 60 °. In this movement, pelvis and back remain fixed. Breathing down always straight leg without touching the ground.

Drive: this movement can be achieved by large amplitude and / or small amplitude (45 °) and to maintain the isometric contraction (static) for several seconds.

Example: 4 sets of 10 to 15 repetitions, large amplitude + 4 sets of 10 to 15 repetitions, small amplitude + 30 seconds isometry.

If you already have a good level of training, do the movements with a rubber band or nimble. In all cases, follow the instructions of placement and breathing.

Exercise 2 statement basin floor
Muscles worked: glutes, hamstrings and lower back.effective butt exercise

Starting position: Lying back (lying on the back) with arms extended along the body on the ground, bent legs hip-width apart, feet on the floor.

Running the exercise: Breathe taking off the ground by contracting your glutes butt and without digging the lower back. Inhale on the way down the pool without asking the buttocks on the floor.

Drive: 6 sets of 20 repetitions.

Exercise # 3: basin ground survey with rubber band
Muscles worked: The glutes and hamstrings.basin ground  butt workout

Starting position: Lying back (lying on the back), arms outstretched on the ground, bent legs a little wider than the hips so put your rubber band over the knees and feet on the ground.

Running the exercise: Peel off the ground and stay fixed pool (without digging the lower back). Breathing out, spread your legs slightly contracting the glutes, keeping the rubber band tension. As you inhale, return to starting position. For this work to be effective, keep the rubber band at maximum voltage and do not take off your feet off the ground

Drive: 6 sets of 12 to 20 repetitions according to your possibilities. You can also alternate with medium and / or small amplitudes and finish by holding an isometric contraction for 30 seconds.

Exercise # 4: extension of the leg up
Muscle worked: gluteus maximus.extension of leg

Starting Position: Position quadrupedal (four-legged), strained or flexed arm resting on the elbows, not arched back or back released. The head is in the extension of the spine, the gaze towards the ground.

Running the exercise: As you exhale, lift straight leg, flex the foot, not above the buttock and tighten the glutes. As you inhale, slightly back down the leg (still tense) hold without touching the ground. If you have an advanced level for more intensity, use a fleet or rubber band around the ankles.

Drive: 5 sets of 10 to 15 repetitions on each leg within your ability. At the end of each series, holding the contraction about 15 seconds.

Exercise # 5: bent leg up
Muscles worked: gluteus maximus and hamstringsbent leg up glute exercise

Starting Position: Position quadrupedal (four-legged), arms bent resting on the elbows, no back arched back or released. The head is in the extension of the spine, the gaze towards the ground. One leg is bent at right angles, flex the foot, the heel facing the ceiling.

Running the exercise: As you exhale, push the leg heel flexed toward the ceiling. Contract your glutes well and keep the alignment of the back. This movement must be performed slowly and smoothly. If you have the facility to perform the movement, add ballast.

Drive: 4 sets of 10 repetitions on each leg. At the end of each set, hold the up position for 15 seconds.

Tips: Use small equipment if you already have a good practice. Take time to rest between each exercise (about 30 seconds). If you are short of breath or if you have difficulty performing all exercises, please, decrease the number of series and repetition.