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Breast Exercises

Breast Exercises

Have a nice chest is not restricted only to movie stars. You can, you also claim it by toning and harmoniously musclant your bust with breast exercises (gymnastic exercises) studied, easy to perform, practices and really effective. It’s up to you to sculpt your chest to maintain or build your dream breasts.

Before starting breast exercises, small anatomical reminder
The breasts are glandular organs for breastfeeding the newborn. Aesthetic, they are also a sexual stimulator. The breasts are supported by tissues and more particularly by the fascia of the pectoralis major (tissues that cover the pectoralis major muscle) and connective fibers that connect the skin. It rests on the large pectoral located in the chest. But they have no supporting action to the chest.

How to keep your chest during physical activity?
It is absolutely essential to ensure the proper maintenance of your chest by a suitable bra comfortable and breast exercises

It is recommended to choose cotton. The shoulder straps should be wide to not hurt the shoulders. The frames should be excluded because they can cause breast trauma. The cap should cover and adequately cover the breast.

What material to use for best results?
To perform properly and painlessly all floor exercises on gym mat is ideal.

The use of small dumbbells during your workouts is a plus. They allow a thorough job and guarantee tangible results.

A weight bench allows varying working angles, that is to say, the horizontal position, inclination and declination. When running different breast exercises, bench, compared with floor work, allows better contraction. More elbows are low, the better the contraction.

Here’s your training program four additional years.
Exercise # 1: apart – lie with small dumbbells

(Gym mats or horizontal weight bench)

Starting Position: Lie on your back, arms extended vertically, hands breast exercises

Fitness Mats: keep knees bent, feet on the floor.
Weight Bench: Keep your legs bent on the chest to avoid arching.
Running the exercise: make a lateral deviation of the arms with a controlled descent, arms slightly bent opening inspiring. Raise arms vertically exhaling. The effort is localized mainly on the chest. It promotes the chest opening.

Four sets of 20 repetitions. Rest 45 seconds between sets.

Exercise # 2: -Over sweater with small dumbbells

(Gym mats or horizontal weight bench)topwanted brest exercise

Starting position: lying on his back, took one dumbbell with both hands, arms extended, the edge of the barbell resting on the palms, thumbs and index fingers gripping the handle.

Fitness Mats: legs bent, feet on the floor.
Weight bench: legs folded on the chest, feet crossed.
Running the exercise: Perform a controlled descent of the arms behind the head inspiring then bring the dumbbell vertically in front of you in the middle of the chest while exhaling. This exercise develops the pectoralis thickness.

Four sets of 20 repetitions. Rest 45 seconds between sets.

Exercise # 3: developed – slept with small dumbbells

(Gym mats or horizontal weight bench)

Starting position: lying on his back, hands facing semi pronation and holding dumbbells, arms stretched vertically.most rated breast exercises

Fitness Mats: legs bent, feet on the floor.
Weight bench: legs folded on the chest, feet crossed.
Running the exercise: go down, inspiring, dumbbells to chest level by bending your elbows and then exhale, push both dumbbells up, both arms outstretched. This movement works the pectoralis major, but also the anterior deltoids.

Four sets of 20 repetitions. Rest 45 seconds between sets.

Exercise # 4: pumps

You may have seen the military on pumps, data either in training or in punishment. All this to develop their muscles and therefore their physical condition. But think again, the pumps are not business men. Know that this is a very full year and you should have no complex to top rated breast exercises achieve it.

Starting Position: In support face to the ground, arms outstretched, hands spread slightly wider than shoulders, knees bent knees to the ground.

Running the exercise: inspiring bend your arm to bring the chest close to the ground without touching it, and especially by contracting your glutes. Then push back up to full extension of the arms exhaling. This exercise targets the pectoralis major, triceps, shoulders and back.

Four sets of 8 to 15 repetitions depending on your physical abilities. Off for 45 seconds to 1 minute. It is a strength exercise, you will probably few sessions to achieve to complete sets. Please do not be discouraged.

Small tips to follow
As with any workout, I’excès is bad. Intensive training with heavy loads results in a decrease in breast size for development of the pectoral.

Good workout. Sportingly.




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