Cross Hands Back from the lower blocks in the slope
March 16, 2015
Press of a bar because of the head sitting
March 24, 2015

lifting barbell forwardStarting position – standing. Feet apart. Back straight, stomach in. Hold rods to keep the bottom from the hips, taking his little wider than shoulder width grip on top:

– Inhale and raise the bar forward on straightened arms to eye level;

– At the end of the movement to exhale.

The exercise – barbell front raise

lifting barbell forward 1

his exercise uses the front part of the deltoid muscle, the upper part of the chest muscles, infraspinatus muscle, and to a lesser extent trapezius muscles,e anterior muscle and the short head of the biceps.

Lifting barbell forward

lifting barbell forward 2Option: rises in the simulator with the lower unit.


Raising the bar above shoulder level, you increase the load on the back of the deltoid muscle.

This exercise can also be performed with any simulator with the lower unit back to him and skipping rope between her legs.

Application exercises – barbell front raise

To: Everyone from beginner to master.

When: On the day of training the upper chest or on the day of pumping medium deltas. In the middle or at the end of the session. Before lifting the rod forward, do the bench press with barbell chest sitting.

How much: 3 sets of 10-20 repetitions on each hand alternately.