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Place your hand muscles attaching have the scapula, humerus, forearm and hand. Their task is to extension and flexion of the elbow, as well as wrist and moving in any direction, and holding them in a constant position.

Arm Muscles

Muscles of the upper arms are involved in bringing forward and laid back shoulder joint. These muscles interact with the muscles of the shoulder, chest and back in the implementation of all the repulsive and attractive movements.

Arm muscles are divided into three major muscle groups: biceps, triceps and forearms.

Biceps, The Most of Arm Workouts

One of the most prominent muscles, they catch the eye primarily on muscular body and is the primary goal for many aspiring athletes. The role of the biceps – flexion, extension and uplift of the forearm to the upper arm.

Forearm Muscles Significance in Arm Exercises 

involved in virtually all power exercises (exceptions – exercises for abdominal muscles). If forearm weak, you will be difficult to perform the exercises with optimum weight, targeting other muscles – start to train forearms special isolation exercises given at the website.

Why Experts says Triceps are final sign of Arm Workouts

Independent of the biceps and forearm muscle group. Ideally, it should be a lot more muscle biceps and forearms together. Due to triceps hands look bulky and massive. Priority – this side the head of the triceps, it is the most prominent of the trio of muscles, download it in the first place.

Hand exercises are usually performed in the second half of training after working muscles of the back or chest. However, if your hands behind you, you can train them in the beginning.

Or fully pay all the workout solely hands.

How to Shape Biceps



Alternating curls with dumbbells

In the exercise, the muscles are involved: brachioradialis (a flex-or of the radial side of the forearm arising), shoulder, biceps, front deltoid, to a lesser extent rostral-shoulder and the upper section of the pectoralis (a muscle or organ of the chest) major muscle.

Concentrated flexing one arm with a dumbbell

This exercise will allow you to control the amplitude, speed and dimension of movement. It is intended primarily for work biceps and shoulder muscles.

Curl with dumbbells grip hammer

This is the best exercise for the brachioradialis muscle. It also involves the brachial biceps muscle and partially and to a lesser extent, short and long radial wrist extensor muscles.

Flexion of one hand with the handle of the lower block

This is a good exercise for an isolated “pumping” biceps.

Curls with handles upper blocks

This exercise is used to complete the workout of biceps curl. It basically uses a short head, good cutting and stretching it. This exercise also trains the shoulder muscles and elbow extensor.

Curl stamped rod

This exercise involves the biceps, shoulder muscles, and to a lesser extent brachioradialis muscle, round pronator, all hand and finger flexors. In order to avoid rejection of the body tense muscles of the buttocks, stomach and back.

Curls on the simulator LARRY-SCOTT

This is one of the best exercises for biceps isolated study. It also trains the shoulder muscles and to a lesser extent brachioradialis muscle and round pronator.

Curls on the bench LARRY-SCOTT

This is one of the best exercises for local effects on the biceps.

Swing arms

How to download forearm muscles


Barbell curls grip top

This exercise is working muscles – extensors of the wrist; long radial extensor carpi, short radial extensor carpi, extensor digit rum, extensor little finger and ulnar extensor carpi.

Extension of the wrist with a barbell grip top

This exercise strengthens the joints of the wrists, which are often weak due to insufficient power extensor muscles of the hand.

Bending the wrist with a barbell under grip

This exercise trains the radial wrist flexor, Palmaris longus (a long structure as a muscle in the body), flexor carpi ulnaris, and the deep and superficial digital flexor, which, despite the fact that are deep, usually make up the bulk of the total work of the wrist flexors.

How to download triceps



Extension arms with a handle grip on top of the upper block

This exercise trains the isolation triceps and elbow muscles.

Extension arms with the handle of the upper block under grip

During the extension of hands working muscles and elbow extensors of the wrist. Extensors of the hands and fingers stabilize the brush when performing isometric tension during exercise.

Extension of one hand with the upper unit under grip

This exercise is working predominantly lateral head of the triceps.

Extension barbell lying (French press)

Lying on a flat bench. Grief rods take grip on top of the straight, vertical raised hands…

Extension arms with dumbbells lying

This exercise allows you to monitor the work and distribute the load evenly on all three heads of the triceps.

Extension of one hand with a dumbbell because of the head

During the movement a special attention to the reduction of the long head of the triceps, which reduced straining in unbent hand upright.

Extension arms with a dumbbell because of the head

The vertical position of the hands helps to maximize the long head of the triceps strain.

Extension arms with curved neck rod because of the head

The vertical position of the hands contributes to the largest reduction of the long head of the triceps, allowing the maximum to include it in the work. Top grip helps to study the lateral head of the triceps.

Extension of one hand back with a dumbbell in the slope

This exercise is great for improvements triceps.

Squeezing the triceps back to the bench

This exercise is working the triceps, pecs and anterior deltoids. To further enhance the load put on the front of the thighs complication.